• LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT – Link to Log in FAQ page


    Note: Once you have successfully signed in to your account, you can browse through the different products by:

    1.       Search Bar at the top of the page, - you can enter the name of a product you are looking for, or a theme, or ‘type’ of image you are trying to find such as ‘Tree’

  • Use the navigation menu to search through the different categories


You can add products to your cart from multiple places. Look for the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the categories page, Quick View Pop up or the Product Details Page.

Click on ‘Quick View’ to view more product details

Click on the Image to view the product page. .

The product page displays a little more detail about the image, and also displays any projects from the gallery that use the image.

 You can click on the scrolling photos to see a larger version.

When your item has been successfully added to your cart, a screen will pop up to inform you it was successfully added to cart. You can either click ‘view cart’ to proceed to check out or click the ‘X’ symbol to close the window and continue browsing the pages and categories.

You can also view your cart by clicking on ‘My Cart’ at the top most right of the screen.

You will be directed to the ‘Cart Contents’ page where you can view item(s) in your cart as well as the total.

Removing Items from your Cart:

From the Cart Contents page, you may click on the ‘red X’ button just beside the name of the product to remove this from your cart. 

The system automatically deducts the price of the deleted stamp and recalculates your total.

OR you can also delete products directly from the drop down
Click on ‘My Cart’ at the top right of the page to get the drop down options

Click on the ‘x’ to remove item from your cart

Proceed to Checkout

After you have chosen the products you wish to purchase, click on ‘proceed to checkout’

Check and make sure that all your details are correct

It is important that you enter your correct email address as this will become your username. Double check that you haven’t typed any letters back to front or added an extra letter by accident. 

Tick on the box to accept the terms in the license agreement which you can read through when you click on the bolded text ‘license agreement’. You may also tick on the box to sign up for newsletters to never miss out on exciting perks, promotions and updates. After you have verified everything, click on ‘submit order’ (blue button) at the bottom to submit and complete the order.

After you are directed to this page, with your order summary, go through the ‘Choose a way to pay’ portion and log-in to your PayPal account then click ‘continue’

Once the payment is confirmed click on the ‘Return to Zoe McGrath’ link, to return to the store and download your images.

Click on ‘Order Details’ to view your recent transaction

Click on ‘View Orders’ to see order history 

Click on the ID # to see the order details and the downloadable files for this transaction

You will receive three (3) emails, two (2) from Make it Crafty and one (1) to confirm payment receipt from Paypal

First store Email:

Make it Crafty confirmation

Second Email:

Downloadable link(s) to your order(s)

You can also download the images from your Make it Crafty Account:

Follow the login steps to your Make it Crafty account.
Once you get the drop down menu, click on Downloads

Click on the file name(s) of your digital image(s). You will receive both the JPEG and PNG files.