Masking with Digi and Rubber Stamps

Delphine March 14, 2016 0
Masking with Digi and Rubber Stamps

Hello everyone! It’s Delphine here today to share my inspiration card for our current CAS Masking Challenge and a little tutorial on how I combined a digital image and a rubber stamp to create my scene – a digital background with a rubber character 🙂 Here is the scene in question…

Tress MAsking GP wtmk

The images I used are the Open Window Digi Stamp and Tress Dancing Rubber Stamp. When masking, the element you mask is the one placed “in front”, so in my scene I masked the window to stamp the character.

Step 1

Tress Masking A copyrb wtmk


First, I printed the Open Window Digi Stamp on regular printing paper in draft mode (to avoid wasting ink and wasting good paper). Then I stamped Tress Dancing on top of my window without masking the window, to see how I could place the stamp to have only the head showing in the window and in a correct position, one I liked. You sometimes need several attempts, but this step is really necessary. I don’t have any “magic tools” to line my stamps precisely, so I simply took a ballpoint pen here and traced around my acrylic block to mark how I had positioned it. These lines will help me as guidelines when stamping my scene for good on my good Copic paper.

Step 2

Tress MAsking B copyrb wtmk

You need to create your mask now and since the image used is a digi, you need to print the digi on your mask – a Post It Note with a FULL sticky back here (or it may get stuck in the printer if the whole back is not sticky – and you can of course use masking film instead like Eclipse). To do so, I printed my window in the top left hand corner of my Make It Colour Blending Card sheet (the one I will colour my scene on) and took a blank sheet of printing paper that I put on top of my printed sheet to see where I would need to put my Post It so the window would be printed on it. I stuck my Post It on my blank printing paper which I then put in my printer and tada!! You see the result above – the mask is created 🙂

Step 3

Tress Masking C copyrb wtmk

Using a little pair of scissors, I cut the inside of the window – no need to cut all the Post It image, just the part that needs to be empty to show the character I’ll stamp next. I then put my yellow mask on the window (printed on my Make it Colour Blending Card) to then get ready to stamp the character.

Step 4

Tress MAsking D copyrb wtmk

Using the guidelines you created in Step 1 on your draft scene, stamp your character on your mask. Then remove the mask and colour your scene!

Tress MAsking GP wtmk

Here is the card I made with it:

Tress MAsking prof copyr wtmk

Wall: E50, 51, 53
Wood: E30, 31, 35, 39, 59
Curtains: BV000, 00, 02, 04, 08
Tress’s Skin: E000, 00, 11, 71
Hair: 100, BV04, C7, 9
Eyes: BG000
Flowers: RV04, 06, 09, YG03, 17, G28
Gold: Y11, 26, 28
Orange: Y35, 38, YR04, 07

I also added a little speech bubble from a Tiddly Inks stamp set, fussy cut it and put it on foam square for a nice finishing touch.

Make it Crafty Products
Open Window Digital Stamp
Tress Dancing Rubber Stamp

Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

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