Royal Wizard – Using Accessory Stamps

Marika July 19, 2018 0
Royal Wizard – Using Accessory Stamps
Hi Everyone!

Marika here with another card, and today’s card is a continuation of the card I posted here 2 weeks ago. Do you like me find digital stamps that you really love but you would love even more if you just could replace on part, on accessory? Well you can! This is sounding way to much like a commercial but it’s true!

Here at Make It Crafty you can find loads of digital stamps and some of them has like Alwina the Good Witch from the previous card post accessories that you can add to the main image. When Alwina was released there where a couple of other stamps that also was released with the same possibility. And by the way if you aren’t a fan of halloweeny images or just want some more summery images, there was also a release with summer babes in bikinis that also have a bunch of accessories. But back to the card at hand.

The image I’m using today is Venora the Wizard, she is the sister of Alwina and Esmeralda which all three got some extra accessories, that you get if you buy the images. The first time I saw Venora I thought that her clothing was very reminiscent of old Swedish Kings, so this time around I wanted to make her a royal too. So instead of adding her accessories, which is a wizards hat, a gnarly looking staff and a cape, I gave her the spire and crown from Alwina, and a Royal Venora was born.

As I wanted to keep as much of the previous cards aesthetics I dug up a pattern paper that had the same pattering as from the previous card but in a different color (I was just very lucky that I found it). However when adding the character to the card I felt it left to much white space, but I fixed that by stamping my sentiments all over that side of the card and the card felt much more even. If you want to know more about that or see how I colored Venora you can look at the videos below.

Images: Venora the Wizard, Alwina the Good Witch

Clothes: BG45, BG10, BG0000, Y21, Y26
Skin: E50, E00, E21, E11, E04, R30, R32
Hair, Eyes & Belt: E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, E47, E49

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