Maiden Emoni at the Theatre

Andrea Tully May 23, 2018 0
Maiden Emoni at the Theatre
Hello 🙂

Wow who doesn’t love the new medieval ladies at Make it Crafty? You can find them HERE if you want to take a look. I love them and all their delicious pleats and folds. Yep you read it right, no fear of creases or folds! Since Zoe created her Creases and Folds Tutorial E-Books which just made sense I have loved colouring them, she makes it easier somehow.

I couldn’t wait to colour Maiden Emoni and I thought she looked fab on stage!

Maiden Emoni on the Theatre Stage. Hello single layered word 1.5″.

I really enjoyed colouring this beautiful maiden with my Copic Markers, Kaszazz Markers and Polychroms Pencils.

Hair – E71, 74, 77, Brown Ochre – 182, Burnt Siena -283, Burnt Umber – 280

Eyes – B000, 63

Skin – E000, 51, 53, 04, Dark Sepia – 175

Dress – Green – BG72, 75, 78, Earth Green – 172, Chrome Oxide Green – 278, Jupiter Green – 165, Gold – Y11, A1205, A7406.

Stage – Black 100, Y11, A1205, A7406, T5, R24, 27, 29, E43, 44, 47, 49.

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