New in Rubber!


How to order rubber stamps

As I no longer sell tangible products direct I would like to share with you a list of stores that support Make it Crafty and will be able to look after Make it Crafty fans.

Please view our list of stockists to find a stockist near you.

Because this is a new change you may find you have trouble finding the exact stamp you are after. Generally stockists can't afford to carry the full range but they will be more than happy to order on your behalf. Please help support my stockists so they can continue to support and promote Make it Crafty. The more support they receive, the more likely they will continue to increase their range so you have more options without waiting.

If you have trouble finding a stamp design you want, please ask your local stockist to order or your behalf. If you have any troubles, please contact me so I can work out the best solution for you.


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