Our Terms of Use

By purchasing this image you have purchased a license to use the image on your own hand crafted items.

All Make it Crafty images are intended for personal use.

Selling or distributing ‘Make it Crafty’ images is not allowed.


Uploading projects to galleries/blogs/websites and submitting items for publication in print magazines is permitted and encouraged! Please provide credit to ‘Make it Crafty’ wherever possible. Your efforts are appreciated, but not required.


You may sell hand crafted items online, local shops, or craft fairs using our images as long as each item is individually created by hand. No photocopying or mechanical reproduction of images is allowed unless permission is granted.

When selling hand crafted items using our images you must include the following credit line:
Images © MakeitCrafty.com

Handcrafted items must be finished works. Selling card toppers or black outlined images do not meet this criteria.


The beauty of digital images is that you can alter the images to fit your needs. Feel free to make changes to images; be it resizing, masking, flipping and rotating. Please note that by making changes to an image does not pass ownership over to you.

At no time may you claim ‘Make it Crafty’ images as your own design.


You may not use ‘Make it Crafty’ images to reproduce any commercial product such as promotional material and rubber/polymer stamps unless permission is granted.

Incorporating images into corporate logos or use within commercial artwork will infringe upon copyright and is not allowed.


We understand that some swapping occurs with images. We ask that you do not pass the digital file across to family and friends; however we will allow TWO printed sheets to be sent to a friend with the following conditions:

1.You mention where the image came from
2.You are NOT sending the image to a swap group.
3.You are NOT using the image as a free give away on your site.


You are welcome to use our images as part of your class under the following conditions:

1. You mention where the images used come from and ideally attendees have a printed address to take with them.
2. Attendees do not leave with uncoloured prints (partly coloured is acceptable)

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions regarding the use of our images please contact us